Betonik - About Betonik  

Betonik is a young company founded in 2009 by Niki Severins and Kim Schulinck.

The company was created by the merging of art and construction. This combination was created by Niki’s 11 years of experience as a concrete former and his training at the art academy in Ghent, as a sculptor.

He is currently working on his own sculptures made of concrete, steel and wood. These can be found on the site under art works. His sculptures are often made from industrial materials this choice stems from his knowledge he has gained in building and as a concrete former in the company of his father. All his art works are made by hand, he uses traditional sculpting techniques. He likes to go to the extreme with his materials, to create something special. His passion is creating big art works of industrial materials. We also make art works at commission, they will be designed after your wishes and preferences.

Betonik doesn’t only make art works but also other objects of concrete, steal and wood. In the studio there will be a lot experimenting with building materials and concrete. One example is an advertising billboard made of concrete and incorporated lights. (see art works, experiments)

Please contact us to discuss your wishes and ideas. For prices of the art works please contact us. U can find our contact information under contacts.